2023 Columbia Basin Junior Livestock Show

2023 Columbia Basin Junior Livestock Show
Posted on 09/29/2023

Finley FFA Shines Bright at the Columbia Basin Junior Livestock Show 2023

Kyia shows steerThe Columbia Basin Junior Livestock Show, held from September 6th to the 10th in Connell, Washington, witnessed an outstanding display of talent and dedication from Finley FFA members as they showcased their animal projects. This annual event is a testament to the hard work and commitment of these young agricultural enthusiasts, and Finley FFA made their presence felt with an impressive performance.

Victoria shows pigIn the livestock categories, the Finley FFA members showcased their expertise and commitment to raising top-quality animals:
  • Kyia Miles exhibited her steer with finesse, earning a blue ribbon for her efforts in both market and fitting & showing classes.
  • Landon Los, Shyann Kriewald, Victoria Sartain, and Mackenna Greenough demonstrated exceptional skill and dedication in the hog category, with each member securing blue ribbons for their outstanding animal projects for both market classes and fitting & showing.
  • Taryn McNabb, Aliyah Malone, and Josie Gore excelled in the lamb category, each earning blue ribbons for their well-raised lambs in both market and fitting & showing classes.

Herdsmanship Honors

Aliyah showing lambIn addition to individual accomplishments, Finley FFA emerged victorious in the herdsmanship category, with impressive showings in both the lamb and steer departments. Their commitment to maintaining the health and well-being of their animals and their ability to maintain a clean and organized exhibit area earned them well-deserved first-place awards in both departments.

A Bright Future for Agriculture

Landon shows pigsThe dedication and hard work exhibited by Finley FFA members at the Columbia Basin Junior Livestock Show reflect their passion for agriculture and commitment to excellence. These young agricultural enthusiasts not only raise quality animals but also learn valuable life skills such as responsibility, teamwork, and leadership through their participation. The Finley FFA's success at the livestock show serves as an inspiration to the entire community and underscores the importance of agricultural education in nurturing the next generation of farmers and agricultural leaders. These young members are not only shaping their future but also contributing to the future of agriculture in the Columbia Basin region.