FCCLA Leadership Conference

2022 FCCLA State Leadership Conference
Posted on 04/19/2022
2022 State Leadership Conference
March 15-18 Wenatchee, WA
Written by RVHS student, Elizabeth Mendoza (Chapter Historian)

On March 15, FCCLA members and their advisor made their 2-hour trip to SLC (State Leadership Conference) at Wenatchee. On the same day of our arrival members who were competing had some time to practice their presentations, and had to attend a mandatory meeting explaining the schedule and where each of the events were located.

After STAR events, there was a break before the regional meeting. During the regional meeting, the FCCLA state president and all other officers introduced each other. They also introduced the candidates for whom were running for state office.

The FCCLA president introduced our keynote speaker Judson Laipply who perform a comedy and motivational speech about the importance of growth and evolution. Not only did Judson do a skit but, he danced his YouTube top hit called “The Evolution of Dance.”

Once the regional meeting ended there was a member networking (A kind of social) after. We didn’t stay for that since most of us were all tired.

The next day was a more relaxed day. Each member made a choice of attending different workshops, which were: Discover What Makes You Shine, Make Your Time in FCCLA Count, Count on FCCLA National Programs, Creating Your Own Personal Brand, Ultimate Fundraising, and What’s Next?

Each workshop taught members leadership, planning, goal setting and how to succeed now and in the future. Our chapter, including many others, participates in 4-mile run/walk. Miracle Miles was a community service fundraiser for the research of cancer.

RVHS students in formal dressesThe day ended with a banquet dinner followed by the STAR Event Recognition ceremony in which all members learned what place they earned and if they would be attending NLC (National Leadership Conference.) Kaydee Mosser won silver in Career Investigation, Yesenia Perez, Yeritzma Magana, and Elizabeth Mendoza earned silver on Focus on Children, and Skylyn Munson and Yocselin Renteria earned gold on Chapter Service Display. The new WA state officers were announced at the close of the meeting.

Afterwards there was a dance. At 11pm, we all headed back to our hotel rooms but that wasn’t the finale of our fun. We still had to celebrate Yocselin, Sandra and Cassandra's birthday. Nobody told them we would be throwing a surprise party. We all ate ice cream sundaes and sang them a happy birthday; sadly, it had to be cut short due to our curfew.

Friday we checked out of our hotel rooms, and we all decided to eat lunch at the local market about a block away from our hotel. Once we all finished one group headed back home, while another group went to Leavenworth and enjoyed the town and shops for a few hours.

As one of the FCCLA members who attend SLC, I can say it was a blast. We might have not gotten the place we all wanted but I know that we all worked hard and tried our best. I’ll be looking forward to attending another leadership conference and hopefully making new friends. Overall SLC was amazing, I would recommend anyone part of FCCLA to compete.