Fall FCCLA Updates: A New Beginning

Fall FCCLA Updates: A New Beginning
Posted on 10/24/2022
It's a new beginning for River View FCCLA Chapter with new members and new officers. Welcome to all new freshmen to River View High School and to our new FCCLA members.

Otter Pops Fundraiser

We started the school year by preparing for our first fundraiser: Otter Pops!! But they're not your average-size otter pops, they are Giant Otter Pops. These otter pops are $1.50 and will be sold during lunch, football games, and after school (excluding Wednesdays). Our current fundraiser is our butter braids, so be looking for FCCLA members with their sheets or give them your email to be able to place your orders online!

Annual Regional FCCLA Meeting

This month FCCLA members attended the annual regional meeting at the Pasco ESD 123 Building. After introductions of the chapters present and the Regional officers, members had the chance to listen to the keynote speaker Maria Alvizar. This year’s FCCLA theme was announced as “Caught in the Act.”

Red Ribbon Week (Oct. 23-31)

FCCLA will also be participating in a 5K run event hosted by the Columbia River Young Marines, in honor of Enrique “Keke” Camarena and the start of Red Ribbon Week.

September Blood Drive

Last month we hosted and held a blood drive at the community center a short walk from our chapter’s high school. We started by recruiting a student leader who wanted to lead the initiative and encourage teachers and peers to donate. That student reached out to teachers, the booster club, and the junior and senior classes. Multiple speeches were delivered by both her and our FCCLA president Stefania Tlachi. We also hung up posters around the school, the local gas stations, and multiple different stores around town encouraging donations. By the day of the donation, we had 46/51 available appointments scheduled. 51 donors came to donate blood at the blood drive. Throughout the day we had a few no-shows and some people were disqualified, but a lot of people donated without any complications. In the end, we collected 39 units of blood. This was higher than our collection goal of 35 units of blood! I want to give a shout-out to anyone who donated during the blood drive. Three of these donors were power red donors and 26 were first-time donors. All of the donors contributed to making this blood drive successful and helped to save up to 117 lives that day. Way to go FCCLA!