FCCLA Prepares for State Competition

FCCLA Prepares for State Competition
Posted on 02/08/2021

It’s crazy to believe that the end of January is already here, but despite how fast this month went, FCCLA still got a lot done. And so here is another update on FCCLA.
In the last month we have gone through brutal hours working to get presentations, speeches, and anything else competitors needed to submit their projects. FCCLA has come together to help competitors and it has paid off. All of the competitors from Region 8 have made it to state. GO FCCLA!

However, now comes the hard part. Finding other ways to make our projects bigger and better. But don’t worry, you can trust that FCCLA will come together in an effort to give everyone ideas that will not only help our projects grow but also help our FCCLA team grow. We have already had a meeting talking about the competitors results and what we’re going to do from here. Good luck to all competitors, and thank you FCCLA members for helping competitors.

In other news, during this last month we’ve recently grouped together. We improved our FCS abilities by organizing a menu and working together to make a meal for a close friend and their family.

I’ll talk to you guys again next month for another update on the efforts of FCCLA and our community. And remember to stay safe, stay kind, and stay healthy.

- Jasmine Walker