2023 Benton Franklin County Fair

2023 Benton Franklin County Fair
Posted on 09/29/2023

Finley FFA Shines at Benton Franklin County Fair: A Triumph of Dedication and Excellence

The Benton Franklin County Fair, held from August 21st to the 25th, was not just a celebration of agriculture but also a stage for Finley FFA members to showcase their exceptional projects and talents. With their dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment, Finley FFA members left an indelible mark on the fair, earning accolades and recognition in various categories. Kyia shows steer at fair

Steer Exhibitor

Among the standout performers in the steer category was Kyia Miles, who proudly displayed her red ribbon for her market steer, while achieving a blue ribbon for market and fitting & showing. Rosebud Vineyards recognized her outstanding effort as the buyer.

Hog Exhibitors

The hog category saw a remarkable showing by several Finley FFA members. StevieLynn earned a return blue ribbon in market class and a blue in fitting & showing, with Les Schwab of Kennewick as the buyer. Jordan Knighten and Landon Los secured blue ribbons in both market class and fitting & showing, with Zirkle Fruit and Columbia Valley Chiropractic Center as their respective buyers. Shyann Kriewald and Sage Kriewald both attained blue ribbons in market class and fitting and showing class with Big D's Construction showing their support. Victoria Sartain received a blue ribbon in both market class and fitting & showing class, and Kustom Us purchased her hog. Mackenna Greenough, with her outstanding performance, secured a blue ribbon in market class and the Grand Champion FFA title for fitting & showing, with Consolidated Electrical Distributors as the buyer. Mackenna competed in the large animal round robin representing Finley FFA.  

students with lambs at fairLamb Exhibitors

In the lamb category, Taryn McNabb earned a blue ribbon in market class, with a return blue in fitting & showing while Diamondback Farms LLC purchased her lamb. Aliyah Malone and Josie Gore both received red ribbons in market class and blue ribbons in fitting & showing class, with Bryan's Meat Company as the buyer.

Rabbit Exhibitor

Jordan Knighten was the star of the rabbit category, sweeping several top awards including Grand Champion Cavy & Rabbit, Best of Breed (Dutch), Yellow Gold (Buck), Best of Show (Opposit Dutch), Yellow Gold (Doe), Best of Show (Opposit Netherland Dwarf Orange Buck), Best of Show (Opposit Variety), and Best of Show (Group Netherland Dwarf Doe). Sunset Realty purchased his rabbit.  He was awarded the Grand Champion FFA Rabbit Judging winner, and he also received the Best Display for FFA Rabbits award.rabbit judging at the fair

Chicken Exhibitor

In the chicken category, Jordan Knighten displayed his skills in fitting & showing, earning him a red ribbon.

Horse Exhibitor 

Shyann with horse at fairShyann Kriewald excelled in the green horse category, while also showcasing her prowess in performance horse competitions, securing fifth place in fitting & showing. Her accomplishments included Grand Champion Barrels, Reserve Champion Poles, Reserve Champion Production Showmanship, and Reserve Champion Production Under Saddle. She also received the FFA Educational Display Award.

FFA Display Booth and Ag Mechanics Projects

Finley FFA members showcased their talents beyond animal projects, winning first place in the FFA Display Booth category. Their ag mechanics projects earned them numerous blues and the prestigious Best in Show award.


Finley FFA demonstrated their exceptional herdsmanship skills, securing first place in Steer, Sheep, and Poultry categories. They also achieved a commendable second place in Rabbit Herdsmanship.

The success of Finley FFA members at the Benton Franklin County Fair not only reflects their dedication to agriculture but also their commitment to excellence. These young agricultural enthusiasts have not only honed their skills but have also showcased the true spirit of FFA by embodying hard work, responsibility, and passion for their projects. Their achievements are a source of pride for their community, their school, and the entire Finley FFA program.

River View High School Staff Engage in Agricultural Education at Benton Franklin County Fair

RVHS staff at fairOn August 24th, the staff of River View High School took a special field trip to the Benton Franklin County Fair to immerse themselves in agricultural education and connect with FFA members who showcased their hard work and dedication to animal projects. This event provided a unique opportunity for the educators to gain firsthand knowledge about various aspects of agriculture and how it ties into the FFA program.

River View High School staff eagerly participated in a comprehensive educational experience at the fair, which included learning about a range of animal projects. FFA members shared their expertise on topics such as showing horses, gaming horses, exhibiting market hogs, market steers, market lambs, and even demonstrating the art of showing bunnies.

As they mingled with FFA members, the staff delved into the intricacies of these projects, gaining insights into the dedication, commitment, and responsibility required to raise and care for animals. They also had the chance to inquire about the financial aspects of these endeavors, learning how much it costs to raise and nurture these animals to prepare them for market competition.

staff ride cart at fairOne of the highlights of the day was the visit to the FFA Education Display booth. Here, the staff discovered the importance of this booth in spreading agricultural knowledge and promoting FFA programs. The booth served as a hub of information, showcasing various aspects of agriculture and explaining how FFA plays a pivotal role in educating students about this essential industry.

In addition to animal projects and the education booth, the River View High School staff explored the world of ag mechanics through 3-D metal art projects that were entered into the fair for judging. These creative displays illustrated the fusion of agriculture and craftsmanship, further underlining the multidimensional nature of FFA programs.

Throughout the afternoon, the staff engaged in enlightening conversations with FFA members about their individual projects. These discussions provided valuable insights into what the students had learned, their experiences in raising animals, and the personal growth they had achieved through their involvement in FFA.

staff listen to presentation at fairAs the afternoon concluded, the River View High School staff left the Benton Franklin County Fair with a renewed appreciation for the FFA program and its impact on students. They also gained valuable insights into the world of agriculture and the importance of supporting youth in their pursuit of agricultural education.

The staff's participation in this educational journey reaffirms River View High School's commitment to providing a well-rounded education that extends beyond the classroom and empowers students to explore and excel in various fields, including agriculture through the FFA program. This field trip to the fair serves as a testament to the school's dedication to fostering student’s growth both in and out of the classroom and educational enrichment in its students.